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Out of Town Sessions & Special Events
The reason I travel is to serve those clients local to the cities I'm traveling to. ​Subscribe to my newsletter so that you’ll be informed as soon as I’ll be traveling to a city near you and then book it right away!

If there is a cancellation for a session and there is ample time, I will send out the information via my newsletter.  There is no waiting list.

Cost:  $500 (outside Miami) effetive 9/1/18

These are the cities I’ll be visiting next:  
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June, 2018
Providence, ME
Boston, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Gainesville, FL
Miami, FL
July, 2018
​Chicago, IL
Omaha, NE
Denver, CO
Glenview Falls, Co
Salt Lake City, UT
August, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT
Sacramento, CA
Miami, FL
May, 2018
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
There is no waiting list.  All cancellations will be filled via the newsletter.